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HEMO CHARGE™ and The Importance Of Mineral Balance In Your Horse's Diet

Hemo Charge™ is the scientifically formulated equine supplement that has been gaining worldwide recognition as one of the most beneficial and best scientifically designed formulas to effectively stimulate and increase hemoglobin levels in racing horses.

Our unique formula includes the right balance of Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese which play an important role in a wide range of biochemical systems affecting virtually every metabolic function in your horse's system. 

Minerals are generally divided into two categories: Macro-minerals, which are needed in larger quantities in a daily diet, and Micro-minerals, (or trace minerals) that are needed in smaller amounts (often expressed as parts per million, or ppm–or mg/kg). Hemo Charge™ has improved the absorption of these trace minerals by “chelating” them. The process of Chelating trace minerals serves to bond these minerals to two or more amino acids to form stable biochemical ring compounds that can be metabolized as much as 300-500% more effectively.

Customer Reviews

After keeping my horses on Hemo Charge for 3 weeks I started to see amazing results in performance, temperament and the overall conditioning of my thoroughbreds. I would recommend any trainer thinking of trying Hemo Charge to give it a go - it has surely worked for my stables.  

 - Marcus Langford (U.K.)

I was given Hemo Charge to try and I am highly impressed by this supplement.

It is effective in maintaining horses for optimum racing performance.

- Dr. Ahmad, Royal Stables (U.A.E.)

Cost effective and one of the best supplements that works very well. I pre-train racehorses and they are always ready to run at the trials when using Hemo Charge.

- William Bradley (U.S.A)

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